A Universal Device Fix…

We all love our phones and our tablets. Their amazing devices that can either allow us to be more productive or to escape from a busy work day. Most devices have their on unique issues, albeit hardware or software related. There is one common issue with almost every device though… Fingerprints.


I am a very big Type A personality, in some respects. Fingerprints on my screen drive me absolutely crazy. I have a micro-fiber cloth at work, in my car and on my bedside table. For those who could care less, this article is not for you.



Reduce (can’t eliminate entirely) fingerprints… make the finger swiping silky smooth on the screen… make the screen LOOK great.



1 – Buy some Rain-X (other products MAY work, but I can’t say with certainty).

2 – Power down your device. Clean your tablet/phone’s screen with a micro-fiber cloth. To the point you can’t see any swirls/marks.

3 – Apply some Rain-X (not dripping wet) to the micro-fiber cloth. Be very careful to not have an excessive amount and to only apply on the glass. Do not touch the outer frame of your phone or tablet, it could remove the finish. In a swirling motion rub in the Rain-X like you wax your car. If it beads up on the screen, just keep rubbing it in. DO NOT dump Rain-X directly on the screen… only apply in small amounts using the micro-fiber to apply.

4 – Eventually you are going to have a hazy look. If you have rubbed it in entirely and there is no longer any moisture on the screen, grab a fresh micro-fiber and buff it out so it looks silky smooth.

5 – Go wash and dry your hands. Let the phone/tablet soak in its new shiny glory. Seriously… clean hands and letting the Rain-X sit for a bit help. Do it.

6 – Power up the device and begin using it. You should notice much less finger print smudges and the screen should feel great to the touch (as well as be a bit shinier).


This is something that shocked me when I first read it on the web, but it appears to be working great. Just use caution…. do not use too much when applying, and never directly on the screen should it be poured. Seems like you may want to do it every month or so to keep it looking great.


Hope this helps… let me know!


Oh, in case you were going to say…. why not just get a screen protector? I absolutely hate the look and feel of those. I want to touch the glass and it feel sexy when doing so. Not a sheet of plastic. To each their own… I know some swear by them.


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  1. …couldn’t care less… if you could care less, then that means you care some.

    my peave. Thanks for the advice tho, can’t wait to try it! I find myself cleaning my phone on my tie almost daily…

  2. People who clean phones with their ties… and misspell “peeve” are my pet peeves 🙂

    I put little effort into my writing, sorry folks.

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