Maybe We Are All Wrong… REALLY?!?!


I am going to preface this with a disclaimer. You won’t agree with me. Odd, I know.


For over a year now I have struggled with the seemingly never ending question – when am I going to succumb to the marketing of tablets. If there was ever a device that the majority of people truly did not NEED, but WANTED, it would be a tablet.


Any time there is a good sale or a new tablet is released, the “Fire” inside me comes back… could this be the time where I finally break down and get a tablet? No… I am going to wait for the latest greatest to go on sale… No… I am going to wait on the TouchPad to come back… No… I do not want a refurbished one. This pattern goes on and on. The only constant is me still staring at my small 4” screen.


I am fed up. I am ready to have a tablet. I could buy a cheap Chromebook or any other assortment of cheap laptop now. Be honest, those options may do more than the tablet too. But here I am, still craving a tablet.


The easiest argument to justify not buying a tablet is likely the same reason you use…. why in the world would I pay up to $600 for something my phone currently can do? Yeah…. why would you do that?


Maybe…. just maybe… we are all looking at this wrong.


Imagine the year 2004’ish. You all likely had a cell phone. This phone likely had just a few functions… it allowed you to store contacts, call people and maybe send text messages. O my, cell phones have changed. They are our MP3 player, camera, camcorder, GPS unit, hotspot, social network tool, and this list goes on and on. We can’t get by without this can we – not after being accustomed to it.


Well, maybe we could all get by and be happier with an Android tablet and a cheap phone (yeah, like a basic voice/text phone). WOAH CALLIP. You have gone too far, what?!?!


Like I said, you won’t agree….. but be patient.


Imagine having a 10.1” screen to play your games on, to browse sites, to check twitter or Google +…. If you had a tablet, why in the world would you use your phone?


Having a basic phone plan with voice minutes and text would save all of us money. Most of us could use a tablet over WiFi and avoid the $20 data fee… not to mention what you could cut back on your current cell phone bill.


Perhaps the best part? No more cases, screen protectors, SD cards, other accessories…. heck, not even worrying about putting your phone in the same pocket as your keys. This may not apply to all… I take care of my phone (but I hate screen protectors and avoid those).


So I suggest that perhaps we are looking at it all backwards. Maybe we should be more open to having a tablet. By selling your phone you are ½ way there to the price of the greatest tablets on the market likely. EVERYTHING on the phone would likely be more fun or better on the tablet anyway.


All that said, am I going to be selling my phone anytime soon? A resounding Hell No. I adore my phone. I suppose I will be waiting till I finally can convince myself I need both devices. But after writing this, I am not certain I’ll ever be able to justify that. For those who have both… you justified that purchase? REALLY?!?!


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  1. I dont know. The price of a tablet versus the yearly savings of not having a data plan might be just about equal. I definitely see your point but I don’t think this is a viable option yet until the price of tablets comes down considerably. They are in the process with the fire and nook tablet, but until all other OEMs follow suit tablets will still be a want rather than a justifiable need.

    • True, There are obvious occupations where a tablet could really be useful, perhaps even needed… but for the majority of us… cell phones are more than capable and can be purchased at a much better price point.

      It’s funny how I twisted the logic though… if it can go one way… it should be able to go the other way.

  2. your plan is to carry 2 devices instead of one? i can see a tablet for home use instead of a pc for surfing, email etc. right now, price is the hold up.

    that said, if amazon comes out with a 10.1 under $300 we may have a solution.

  3. I bought a Xoom brand new for $350 over the summer. I purchased it mainly for school. I bought most of my text books as pdf’s so I didn’t have to lug around 40 pounds of books 4 days a week. Even though I purchased it for school, I use it for all the typical media things and games.

    I find that I use my phone less and less. I’ve been thinking about getting a dumb phone and lessening my phone bill by $30, but there are little things here and there that I need that constant internet connection for. I also hate having the cellphone contract lingering over my head for 2 years.

    There are many reasons to have or not to have one or the other, but if you have both, then you have the best of both worlds. Ignore how disjointed this sounds. I’m watching Seinfeld and refuse to mute the TV.

  4. I’m late to the game, but you make a great point. I have a dumb phone that takes awesome pictures (it’s a sony cybershot) and definitely don’t use my smart phone (Experia X10) to its full potential.

    Although now that it’s rooted and runs faster… I don’t have a facebook or tweet (or follow anyone) so… what else is there? Navigation and using google voice search to find instant answers, Pandora…

    Might use a tablet to surf the web, but laptop still wins out on multifunctionality. Size and portability goes to tablet… $600 laptop compared to $600 tablet –

    Remember watching Star Trek and they had amazing little tablet computers that could do anything? That was science fiction at one point. What an amazing world of technology we live in…

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