Last Chance: TouchPad

Today there are several methods of obtaining the most popular dead tablet ever, the HP TouchPad. TigereDirect will have a bundled offering for $280 (link below). Best Buy also has a bundled option where you buy an HP/Compaq PC and then you have the option of buying the 32GB TouchPad at $150. This starts in the stores today (better call before you drive out there). May still be available online?

Neither of these options are good for me. It’s too expensive. The market realizes prices need to be lower. The Kindle Fire and Nook Color 2 are sounding more and more attractive to me. Then again, maybe I am just sore because I tried extremely hard to get the $99 TouchPad and failed on several occasions. I refuse to spend more on a bundle, or pay full retail. I feel dirty saying that, but so be it.

A twitter follower (@nrfitchett4) threw out a suggestion to me… and it was a great suggestion.

“What will Best Buy do if you buy a laptop, get the touchpad, then return the laptop?”

Well geez. Why did I not think of this first? I decided to find out. I called three local Best Buys. At each location I was told that if someone purchased the PC and tablet… then came back to return the PC, the computer system would show a balance due of the $450 difference (suggested retail of the TouchPad minus the $150 you already paid). I will not be testing this theory.

It seems crazy to me that someone would have to pay a $450+ as what COULD be a legitimate restocking fee. O’well….. not my battle and be honest, we all know why someone would try to return the HP/Compaq PC.

The Tigerdirect bundle for $280 includes the 32GB tablet, a Belkin case, Belkin tablet stand, Bluetooth speakers and a 16GB flash drive. You can find the deal USING THIS LINK. It starts around 2:30 EST… better go there EARLY. This is rumored to only last about 5 minutes.

If you try to buy one… good luck! Let me know how CyanogenMod 7 runs on it!


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