Comparing Apples to Oranges…

I rarely get to write down my random thoughts, like I hope to. Tonight was a normal night. I worked hard, played with my kid, made certain that my daughter and wife knew they were loved, and then went out with my friends to play darts and recharge my batteries some.


What was different tonight was that while driving home I could not stop thinking about Apple’s new iOS 5 (“Android update” as I call it) and the pending new iPhone. Not just the “competition” was on my mind though. I started thinking about the Android community. How blessed I’ve been. How much value it has brought into my life. Ultimately concluding my thoughts with the notion, this is just the beginning. The future is brighter.


If you did not listen (or read) today, Larry Page (CEO of Google) during the 3Q earnings call for Google was throwing out some mind-numbing statistics on Android (and basically every avenue of Google). He noted the 600K+ activations per day. Near $3B in profit. He even went out and proclaimed the new Android OS (ICS) Ice Cream Sandwich was going to be “incredible” & “you won’t believe what we’ve managed to do.”


Alright, breathe. I was excited before. Hearing the CEO say words that strong about Android’s growth and maturity, combated with the fact he said they were going to be defending Android passionately in court (patent issues – aka the competition who is scared / trying to make money off of Android too)…. well, this made me a whole new level of excited. I said many times over that Honeycomb was horrendous, but Ice Cream Sandwich would save Android. Larry made me feel even more confident in that assertion.


I don’t know if it is all the good news for Android lately, the new super-phones, cheaper tablets, or the iOS 5 upgrade hiccups, but I have been extremely pleased to be a self-proclaimed Android Fanboy lately. I’ve said it in the past, and it was true…. I will always point out a flaw in Android or give credit to the competition, but for once, I am just so incredibly happy with Android as an OS AND the community. I’ve been blessed with kindness recently. There is no better community. The current and future seem extremely bright for Android. Google is defending Android legally, manufacturers are profitting and more importantly seem to be opening up to the development community, sites like XDA and Rootzwiki are blowing up, people are talking about modding their phones, people seem hip to app security…. all seems well in this Android community.


These are the thoughts I had at a stop light driving home. I love this community. I love Android. Thank you to anyone who reads this and can understand.


Oh, I thought “apples to oranges” was an appropriate title because I can’t imagine ever having this same feeling of respect and admiration if I were on the other side, Apple. They may have a clean UI and brilliant marketing, but they severely lack on innovation and a true community. They will never have that. Be sure you understand and respect that.


Thank you!


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  1. Nice post, I agree.
    Besides all Android features iOs also brings another Android thing which we all hate to hear about, but is there (although it isn’t as bad as some fanboys claim) : fragmentation! I spent almost 3 hours yesterday trying to fix iTunes, staying up till 2 am just to discover my iPod Touch 2nd Gen wasn’t even updated to iOs 5… My worst rage moment in quite some time 😛

  2. see what you can do on a doughnut high! keep it up.

  3. You always speak your mind, and you always seem to hit the nail on the head with your words, you always basically say exactly what I say as well.

    Just like you , I also will always admit if the competition does something better or if Android flaws somewhere.

    Love reading your writings, since so much of what you say is also how I feel. I hope these dumb ass patent lawsuits from Apple get stopped at some point. Someone has to finally say enough it enough! Stop litigating and start innovating to Apple

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