Will It Be The Same…

Bare with me, as I let out a stream of thought. Perhaps not even worthy of a blog post, but I would like feedback.

By now, everyone heard the news. There are some amazingly cheap Amazon goodies coming. They are going to flood the Market with their low-costs. I hear Amazon is actually losing $50 on each Fire sold. This of course will be more than made up for by the end-user eventually to Amazon.

This reminds me a lot of the TouchPad fiasco, which will ramp up again in October when they have wave 2 of their dumping of inventory. What all this teaches us, and the industry, is that people want a deal – they want that low-priced tech bundle of joy that can distract us and educate us and fill whatever void we have.

But… that is common sense. It’s normal to want a cheap price (insert a witty joke about Apple fans here). I am hopeful HP and Amazon lead the way for lower costs tablets. I hope their model has a earth-shattering eureka moment…  “oh, we can flood the market with a lower cost tablet, but generate buzz and profit for our company by other means (online sales), etc.”

That of course would only work for companies like Amazon – books, music, and whatever else your heart desires. Lucky them. I guess other companies are going to have a hard time competing with a massive online retailer who can pump out tablets at a loss and and make up the difference in their online sales. Ouch.

A synopsis of Amazon right now… The PR buzz of Apple, the “Cheap” buzz of the TouchPad, the power of the Kindle following, the Android rootable buzz, a new browser buzz… Jesus. I think Amazon just won.

I had an entire paragraph about Amazon having similar issues of the Google Nexus One launch, until I realized they are going to be sold in stores too. So.. with that no longer a concern, I repeat, Amazon won.

If there is ONE negative thing… people may outcry that the Silk browser, while extremely fast may be a privacy concern. It will cache every site, send it to Amazons server, blagh blagh… insert the concerns of many that a large company is tracking every site they go to. Bam. I knew there was SOMETHING bad about all of this, ha. If this is of interest (it should be), go read this article – they have it worded perfectly.

The question is… how does the industry respond? Will you rock an Amazon tablet?

And that folks is what happens when I do not create a draft and just type…


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