Running Developers Away Are We…

One thing I pride myself on is being honest. I like to point out the strong assets of Android and its community, and there are many. But I also feel I bring to light those things that tarnish Android and its community.


Many of you know I was on hiatus a bit while my phone was broken. In the meantime I was using Casey’s (@oka_xda on Twitter) HD2 that he loaned me. I flashed MIUI because of all the bells and whistles it offers – allowing a user to not need certain apps. Apps like those that take screenshots.


Well, now I have a Galaxy S 4G, compliments to Samsung and @SamsungJohn. I was excited at first, and then realized quickly how much of a setback I was facing. No longer would I have my community, the ROMs, the tweaks, 15GB of internal memory… and worst, no CM7 or MIUI.


Day 1 I root and flash Valhalla. Whitehawkx did a fabulous job. I wanted to show it off on Twitter by sending out some screenshots. Off to grab my favorite screenshot app over the past 2+ years, ShootMe.


Hmm… this is odd. I look it up in the Market, and there is a big yellow exclamation mark at the top that reads something to the effect of the app no longer being available. WTF? Okay, my backup was the app DropCap. A quick search revealed it too was no longer available. I am stumped.


Why would two, extremely popular apps, that were free suddenly be gone? Was Google striking down on screen capture apps? Maybe Google had this feature they were going to roll out in Ice Cream Sandwich, so they were removing these from the Market.


These are the thoughts that poured through my head.


Nope. Turns out the developer of ShootMe was just fed up with rude people. To be honest, I don’t blame him from some of the comments. I don’t understand how someone can be so rude to a developer (or anyone) who is offering a service for free – when almost always it is the fault of the end-user, not the developer or the app.


If you cannot read, maybe you have a case. I’d certainly be more lenient to someone who was truly that dumb over someone who just refuses to read an app description…. Oh, this app needs root access to work? I guess I want cuss the developer out after all. Oh, if I uninstall and reinstall it works fine… it was just me restoring the backup+data that was to blame, my bust. Nope…. instead they threaten and cuss.


Anyway, this post could go on and on… all I need to say is, be courteous. If you have an app you appreciate, go give it a good rating and leave a comment. If you have an app that is NOT working, send the developer a HELPFUL email – don’t leave it on the comments where it won’t help your cause.


On more than a few occasions I have done just that. I’d email them nicely, identifying the issue and offering to help if possible. Almost always, and by anticipation (because I would trouble shoot first), I would get an email saying something to the effect “hey, sorry about that… can you send a logcat?”


I would – maybe a week later (once the same day) there would be an app update that fixed the issue. We are a community. Do your part. Don’t just vent and run talented people offering their services for free away. Clearly we have already lost one of my favorites.


That is NOT what Android or this community is about, or what it should become.


I’d like this message spread. I wont say that you need to spread this post, but you can lead by example.


Go do the right thing. You will feel good for it. Thanks.


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I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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  1. rude people suck. Its like fixing a friends pc for fee, and them complaining because the icons on their desktop are rearranged.

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