Marketing Matters….

I try very hard to write about Android, but not sound like a fanboi idiot spouting nonsense – I try. I keep my ear to the ground to see what other things are happening in the mobile world… and I also try and point out others strengths or Android’s weaknesses.


This morning I got slapped in the face with one of those glaringly obvious weaknesses of Android… which coincidently is the strong point of Apple – *drum roll* the Marketing.


Android Police is a great site. If you do not read them now, check them out. They ran a brief article this morning that captured a great example of my concerns. I’ll break it down, but here is their full article:


To summarize, the author noted a Best Buy ad on TV at the break of a very popular show (FYI, Breaking Bad is amazing). It was touting the speed and network reliability of Verizon, while showing off Android. Well, that sounds great doesn’t it? Nagh.


The problem? The Android device shown was ROAMING! Seriously?!?!


Hey world… come buy this phone that is roaming on the supposed best network… oh, it also does not have a full battery in the ad, must drain a lot…. It also is showcasing the crap Verizon bloat… not the potential amazing apps that you can get from the Market. Nope, they feel people want VZ Navigator & V Cast Music. OMG!!


This made me so mad. Not only does it make Verizon and Android look bad, but I realized I could be getting paid a lot more money doing the job that the producer of this ad has. EVERYONE knows that when you display a product you want to market, you put it in the best form possible. Apple certainly knows that. Apple could duct tape a keyboard to a brick, call it an iBrick and sell it.


For comparisons sake, every Apple ad I have ever seen has greatly annoyed me…. but left me impressed. They have full batteries, they have full signal, and they actually show the device DOING SOMETHING. How many Android commercials have left you impressed because of the phone DOING SOMETHING? I can only think of a couple, and those are Samsung touting the Galaxy line – they seem to get it.


Alright, getting winded…. My point is this. One of the big setbacks of Android is that Google can’t control their own marketing. Their product has each manufacturer doing their own thing – leaving a very non-cohesive branding of Android. Forget the way over-hyped fragmentation of the OS…. It is the fragmentation in the marketing that is a real issue. I want to punch a person who says they got the latest “Droid” phone. But, that’s great marketing by Motoroloa.


To the average person, I wonder how these ads come across. You see one Android phone… then you see another that appears completely different. You see roaming and battery drain…. Then you see an Apple ad that makes it look like it fell from Heaven. Which one do you think the average person is going to lean towards?


I wish Google could do the marketing for Android. Have you seen the Chrome commercials? They are brilliant. Those commercials leave you thinking; wow… this is a great product. Roaming does not.


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  1. As others on android police have pointed out, the phone was not roaming. I’m a former Verizon Rep, and that’s the symbol that’s shown for an unactivated phone. It simply appears to be roaming. Another point worth mentioning is that the average person would never know any of this, they’d never notice the roaming signal. The only demographic that would notice are so enmeshed into the Android community that their knowledge far surpasses what any marketing could impart on an audience. We’re hobbyists, and hold Google at a higher standard than what most of the public ever would.

    • Right or wrong… regardless, that is NOT the way the phone should be shown to the masses. And… that IS the roaming indicator. I don’t care if it’s activated or not…

      The average person does know what phone bars SHOULD look like… I admit people are dumb, but I give them a little credit.

      And, I am not holding anyone to a higher standard… I’m just pointing out that Android is flawed… well, not as strong, as it’s competitors because they can’t control their marketing. Apple would never… ever… release an ad with a roaming indicator. Ever.

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