Champions of The Android Community…

I’ve neglected my blog. It’s been a combination of a crazy personal and work life… that and my Samsung Vibrant was destroyed (long story).

To pass the time without a phone, a reader of this blog / twitter follower / XDA user sent me a phone. Pause…

Yeap, there are people in this community THAT good. Please tell Casey that he is amazing! You can find/follow him on Twitter – @oka_XDA.

But wait, there is more… I’ve been one of the more vocal, at least in the early stages, against Samsung. They just didn’t seem to get it.

Actually, I was so vocal Samsung contacted me… not only did they ask how they could improve, they shared plans that weren’t public at the time on what they were already planning to do to improve their relationship with the Android Community. Color me impressed from that day forward.

Who called you ask? Some guy that nobody knew at the time, John – a developer / social guy for Samsung. (@SamsungJohn on twitter). Now he is one of those that Many in the community are aware of, you should to.

Why bring this all up? I’m going to leave out some details, but in short… I sent my phone to Samsung… unable to charge… Battery nearly dead (couldn’t odin to stock)… with a corroded charging port… not surprisingly, they sent it back, unrepaired.

Scratching my head on how to proceed & a bit upset (even though I didn’t expect a repair), I reached out to those in the community who have proven to be helpful… John was one of those people.

John had a representative call me within 20 minutes of my tweet to him… Not just that, they are sending me a Vibrant, no questions asked.

You can say what you want, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… A rule that’ll always ring true.

In the case of Android, it’s just knowing the Community and offering help when you can.

I try to drop what i’m doing to help others, and it has been paid back plus some.

I’ve always championed the Community… I am eternally grateful and hope that I can one day feel others good deeds to me are deserved.

People don’t just overnight phones to strangers so they can take pictures at a music festival… People don’t read a tweet at night, drop what they are doing, no questions asked & help someone get a replacement phone…


Oh, any Samsung/Sprint employees reading this, I’ve already scheduled time to go meet a stranger who is picking up the new galaxy S2 (the epic touch) at my recommendations. I plan to teach about Android & TouchWiz… and the capabilities of this amazing phone.

Please… Please… Take the time to tweet Casey & John. Let them know how cool they are for being “that guy.”

Casey – @oka_XDA
John – @SamsungJohn


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I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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  1. OMG
    I’ve never seen such a crap! Stay hitting on them, ooh.

  2. I’m not sure I follow? Do you want me to keep hating on a company that just did me a huge favor?

    I’ve knocked on Samsung louder than most anyone…. and I will continue to do so when warranted, but I am going to sing their praises when warranted too…. I can’t be negative all the time.

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