Are You An Android Activist? Win A Free Phone…

Android Activist is giving away a free T-Mobile LG G2X.


The best part – to win, all that you need to do is write a 500 word entry of what you feel being an Android Activist is – and how you are one. There are legalities (required by law) like being over 18 – only in the US, ladi-da.


Alright, so why am I mentioning this on my blog?


Well, I found this to be an extremely clever idea. So much so that I have submitted an article (pasted below for you). I would love a chance to win this phone… but I also would love all of you to have that chance.


I also feel that if you sit down and start typing you are going to reflect on the Android Community and what it means to you. It would be very cool to me to know that one of my readers one a free phone because of my blog – honestly. So, please… do better than me, win this free phone from Android Activist.


Also, I know many of my readers followed my from the Vibrant section at XDA – Both Roman and Whitehawk have the G2X. The phone is rumored to have issues (Class Action Lawsuit was just filed)…. but others seemingly see no issues at all. I’d imagine CyanogenMod 7 would fix any ills it has, ha.


Please go check their site out. Here is a direct link to the contest. You can find them on Twitter at @AndroidActivist as well. Be sure and let them know what you think.


Below is my entry to the contest. I verified with them I could publish it and not be disqualified. I won’t lie; I’d appreciate it if you guys sent them a tweet if you feel I’d be a good person to win… I’ll make some guides on XDA / RootzWiki, haha. Okay enough promoting… my entry:


To proclaim yourself an Android Activist – and one worthy of a free phone at that, well that is a tall order. Am I worthy of this honor? Well, lets first define what an Android Activist consists of. In the context of Android – I believe this is someone who advocates for the entire Android Community, and for no reason other than they feel that it is the Right thing to do.


It’s not just about paying for apps, rather than using 3rd party app sites to get them for free – it is promoting the work of someone you’ve never met, because you appreciate their talent and time.


It’s not about reading about malware found on 3rd party app sites or trying to ban people together to shut down a site that is charging people for others work, that does not give credit – It is about going on radio shows to help spread the warning! Trying to tell those who may not be as familiar about the importance of using legitimate App Stores – checking App Permissions and not paying for ROMs.


It’s not about just answering questions on XDA or RootzWiki, or simply searching before creating a thread – it is about writing guides for the “noobs” that you meticulously go over. Making certain they are as clear as possible… adding in pictures and videos just to help clarify certain steps – and not feeling satisfied when one of your guides has over 100,000 views. Maybe it is also about spending hours at a time texting with complete strangers, simply because it is their first time rooting or flashing their phone and they need some hand-holding.


It is not about sending a $5 donation to a developer every now and then – it is about creating a blog where you can interview them. You get to share with the community a side of these guys and gals most never see – you point out their work and family life that is often overlooked by the end-user. You remind people just how valuable these developers are to our community – that this work is done in their spare time, for free. You encourage the absolute utmost respect for them and you expect none in return.


It is not about complaining about the next version of Android, that is not released on your phone yet – it is about creating a public relations / social media blitz on a mass scale, with a very well organized and clear message. A message so loudly yelled that the phone manufacturer contacts you to address the concerns, and a week later the phone gets an OS update. Maybe people credit you for this due to your efforts, but deep down you know it’s because of the community, the community that you love and advocate for.


These are some of the things that I have done for our community. They were done simply because I love the Android Community that much. These are not the reasons that I should win a free phone though. I would consider this a success if just one of you who reads this will also become an Android Activist with me.


My name is Callip. You may know me as s15274n or @CallipH if I have helped you in the past. I am an Android Activist. I encourage you, please join me.



About s15274n

I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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  1. I cried a little when I saw this. You truly are a superb human being (c;

    This contest was made for you… everyone else should just give up now.

    Join #CallipShouldWinAFreePhoneBecauseHe’sATrueActivist
    Support the cause (c;

  2. Agree with Kiteflyer. So much so that I wouldn’t even submit an article myself since Callip has earned it 10x more already. As a matter of fact, if there was some glitch and they picked my name anyway I would feel obligated to forward it to Callip 🙂

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