Be Good Bees…

I’m posting this from my phone, apologies for formatting/typos. I wanted to get the message out. If you agree, tell someone.

The line between what’s right for the end-user and the manufacturers is becoming increasingly muddled.

If I were a manufacturer for android phones, I’d have major reservations of potential lawsuits (thanks Apple), paying royalties to competitors (thanks Microsoft), and the demand of ravenous Android fans/developers (I’m part of this problem).

The only thing keeping Android moving ahead (new super phones to buy) is the lack of a decent competitor. Newer OS’s, lawsuits and royalties could change something we’ve started taking for granted.

Once Apple has all of our features (they’ve kanged most), there are newer open OS’s or easier/cooler UI’s, or companies just decide Android isn’t worth it, the consumer loses… If you’re a fan of Android, like me.

My suggestion… Start showing a little more honey, and a little less sting. Perhaps we’ll be happier bees when we are good to our flowers (manufacturers). Maybe… I could be wrong and I’ve certainly been a part of what I’ve identified as the problem.

I’m trying to be better, I hope that you will too. Please spread the message.

I’m going to post this on my blog later:


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