Google+ – Thoughts / Privacy / Invites

I will preface this with, I absolutely HATE Facebook. That’s important because almost almost all of my issues with Facebook do not exist (yet) on Google+. Rather than create another rant though, I want to focus on a few things… initial thoughts…. personal information…. and invites for Google+. There is one privacy issue I listed at the bottom. Strongly encourage you take note of it.

UPDATE: 7/1/11 – Google announced they have/are fixing the reported privacy concern. Awesome.


First, invites... I do not have any. People in your timeline on twitter who mention Google+ do not have invites – and if they did and were willing, they would tweet it. Please do not ask. Also, there have been a few workarounds where even without an invite you could get into Google+. I created a form you could sign up on, but all of the methods I knew to get in via a loophole have been closed. Feel free to signup and I will send invites when I can or if another loophole is discovered.

UPDATE: 7/1/11 – after about 600+ people used the form, I have closed it out. Hope you got in!!


I do not agree with Google to launch a social network, and not have it open… but it’s Google, and in typical Google Beta fashion, this is the way it is. Accept it. Love it. You’ll get in eventually. It’s worth the wait.


Initial thoughts… it blows my mind. It is incredibly difficult to list/describe all of the features, and I intend to keep this short so I won’t try. I will say I think Google has done an incredible job blending all of the Google goodies with some very clever ideas. The idea of Circles, Sparks, Hangouts…. it honestly is overwhelming to me. I posted some last night just trying to learn my way around and to see, okay, if I do this… where does it show up… and who sees it. REALLY spend some time creating your Circles… I made mine perfect b/c I am OCD, but man, it’s proven helpful already.


That was what I really wanted to talk about. The privacy of Google+. Google has REALLY dropped the ball on this in the past (*Cough* Buzz *Cough*). I will say, they are very clear about your profile, who sees what and it’s very easy to adjust your profile (and see how it appears to others). When you post, you can select for everyone to see it, or just certain Circles (awesome!). Oh, and if you post something… you have the ability to EDIT. Hallelujah.


Okay, so how do you edit your profile?

When you are in Google+, look in the top right for a drop down by your image/name:


Click on that… then click View Profile. Now, simply edit to your liking. It’s intuitive so I am not going to be detailed here. Be sure to click on each tab once you are done. You can decide if you want these tabs to show on your Profile.



Alright, once you have your profile set how you want others to view it… you know what information is being shared. You also know to keep an eye out when you post to post to everyone or certain circles… to limit who sees your posts. Well… sorta. Here is my BIG issue.


Say I post something to my Android Developers Circle. Maybe it’s something very important. Well… if anyone of those people click to “RESHARE” (an option you have… sorta the equivilant to a retweet on twitter) that person could send it out publicly or to a BIG circle… well, now my “personal post” is potentially exposed to everyone on the Internet.


How to prevent this? Well… right now, you can’t UNTIL YOU MADE THE POST. Say Wha’?

AFTERWARDS, you simply click the arrow by your post (top right) and select to DISABLE RESHARE.


See the picture below. Sorry I could not take a screen capture with the drop down expanded… there is an option to disable reshare there. This will prevent people from being able to send your posts beyond where you intended.


Ohhhh… I forgot to note that Google+ defaults notifications by email for EVERYTHING. This is too much. You’ll quickly decide to edit those settings to limit email.. or you could create some rules in your gmail. You’ll do one/both though as your circles grow. Best to act now before it’s annoying. To do this, click the little wheel icon in the top right, go to Google+ Settings and adjust your notifications.


Cool.. I hope this helps. If it did, please spread the word. Sign up for the invites on my list and link people to my blog or follow me on Twitter to keep informed – I am @CallipH


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  1. Nice article.
    Regarding the privacy issue – If indeed google will fix it still people can copy paste your post to other circles, so maybe it does not need a fix and if you don’t want other people to re-post your post, don’t post it. Just a thought.

    Love your site by the way.

  2. They should add the ability o disable the reshare button at the Android app as well.

  3. Hmm. Really good point (s).

    I feel confident google will address. As beta testers, we need to play and inform.

    Please tweet/comment me if you discover new things, or if I missed something.

  4. My biggest rant about Google is you have to be 18 to use it. I’m 17, a senior in highschool & have a invite in my inbox. However I can’t use it until I’m 18 :/

  5. I really enjoy g so far quick uploads of pictures. Kind of completes the whole google experience. Don’t hate me for this but being 18 to use it is a plus in my eyes I wont have to deal with 13 year old cousins adding me and posting things no 13 year old should be doing or saying. Just my opinion there.

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