RootzWiki… Do It.

I wanted to encourage you to check out a new site, RootzWiki. There are a lot of really good qualities about this site, but I wanted to really highlight one – The Emphasis on Community.


I jumped on the bandwagon early, but now I am going to be promoting this site because of a very clever idea they have. The revenue earned from ads – that is put into a pot… this pot collects money from the traffic generated (so go there). Once the pot of money is large enough, they are buying phones for developers.


Wait… they are buying phones for developers? Yeap. Some of your favorite developers will be able to port/work on other phones, and help a whole new group of users, thanks to this Very clever idea.


That is the epitome of Community. I should point out too, some of your favorite developers may have moved exclusively to RootzWiki – I know some have done so already.


That’s not all folks. A few days ago they extended this out to non-developers. I assume they are going to pick a person who is good to the community, helps, etc. So, if you can’t develop, but you have an Android bug and are willing to help people, you too could win a free phone from RootzWiki.


Or, you could just chill on XDA and pull your hair out. Your call.


Okay, I said there are a LOT of really good qualities. What are some others you ask? Well, as the name implies, it’s focus is on people wanting to root their phones (immediate separation from a lot of noobs)… but they also have a ton of really good wiki guides for rooting – almost all phones/tablets are there. If your phone is not listed, just request it (I just added the Vibrant and submitted my own guide).


The forums are organized and not cluttered. It is also JUST Android (includes Google TV, Nook Color type things too). This is Huge for me. The whole look of your profile and things of that nature can be customized. Hard to explain and give it justice. Just go register and check it out.


They have a Blog section – I can’t say I have it figured out yet, but it seems to be a great way to keep up with topics and for people to sound off on issues/thoughts. I will likely post some of my blog entries on there.


They also have a store where you can order Root-related shirts/stickers/etc. I picked up a “Got Root?” shirt that came in the mail quickly, and it is of high quality. I love when people see me wearing it, and they get it.


I know I have argued in the past that too many sites are bad for Android and the Community. But this site, with its true focus on the Community and being ONLY Android has convinced me it is worth talking about and I hope you will spread the word…. So please, go register and tell your friends.


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  1. Awesome and the usual +1 from me.

  2. Hey, really appreciate it man!

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