Honeycomb’s UI – It’s Not Good Enough…

Maybe it’s just me, but I consider myself an idiot when navigating Honeycomb’s UI. I have spent MAYBE 30 minutes playing with a Xoom, G-Slate and Tab combined. But you know what, that’s not good enough. A person new (or old) to Android should be able to pick it up and make sense of the UI. This is why people love the iGadget – your kid or Grandparent will be able to use it immediately.


Is the iGadget better? Hell no. But people will buy them if they are at Best Buy and the Android Tablet just does not seem intuitive. To the average person, there are seemingly little differences from Android and iGadget (to the average consumer, don’t hate me). Oh, they both let me play games, read email, surf the web, listen to music, watch Youtube, etc? Cool. I’ll take the one that is easy to use Please.


It hurt me, but I recommended the iPad to my best friend the other day. He was buying  a tablet for his father and wanted my feedback – knowing that I despise Apple. I’m not certain who was more shocked, but knowing his father since I was 2, I knew what would be best for his father. It was not Honeycomb.


Perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich will be the answer. It will be the next OS that will not be Tablet-only – it will be on phones, tablets, computers, etc. Being universal makes me think this will be the saving grace for the Android tablet.


Worst-case, it will also be Open Source so you know the developers will be able to run wild with it. That’s another thing, Honeycomb was not made open – it’s closed to only OEMs and certain developers. I find that very odd and it’s a direction I do not like.  I mean, if the UI is worse AND it’s not open… why not buy the shiny iGadget?


Pray with me that Ice Cream Sandwich is what Honeycomb should have been. Personally, I will either have an Open Source, easy to use UI Android tablet… or nothing at all. I might even call that ICS Tablet “Magical” at the risk of being sued.


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  1. Completely disagree. I hate the iPad simply because it is not powerful enough to do what I want it to do. Honeycomb, on the other hand, has awesome multi-tasking capability, a powerful means of managing and running through my apps, and is far better for me to get stuff done on it. I can bounce from Twitter to IRC with ease, go to Tapatalk, still be aware that I have emails and tweets coming in, all while working on a spreadsheet with Quickoffice. Awesome stuff.

  2. I’m curious how MeeGo will do in the tablet market. There you will have a true open source tablet.

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