Replace your Gallery…

A guide probably is a strong word for something this simple. 
I think it's worth posting though.

I did this because:

- I hate the way the stock gallery functions
- Watchdog constantly shows it using 44-52% of my resources.

My solution:

Replace Gallery3D with QuickPic in the Market
(no wonky permissions and the UI is much better in my opinion).

How to do it:
- So easy.
- Download QuickPic
- Install, Open, like it? Continue.
- Go to your file manager (I like Root Explorer)
- go to system/apps
- Long press on Gallery3D
- Rename it
- Change the .apk to .bak
- Have shortcuts to the gallery? If so, replace them with Quickpic. 
- I have a custom icon I prefer so I changed that too.
- Reboot.

What have I noticed?

- A better looking, and easier navigated Gallery.
- No Watchdog alerts for excessive CPU usage
- No loss in functionality
* If you hate it, uninstall it. Change .bak back to .apk on stock.

I encourage you to try it. 
Leave feedback if you know of another Gallery replacement that is better.

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I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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