Help A Developer…

Help an Android Themer out!

Junkdruggler (@junkdruggler) has made some really nice ADW Themes. He is also one of those guys who consistently lets me bother him and ask questions about making themes. Heck, the guy even sent me source for some of his apps.


Why say all this? Well, I want to offer a warm congratulations to him. Him and his lady just had a beautiful girl. Maybe it’s the Father’s Day Spirit, maybe it’s because I just got an article in the WSJ myself about being a father, but I like to think its because I want to help out the Android Community.


My request is simple. Please go check out his work in the Android Market ( >> LINK << ). If you can, buy one of his Paid apps. If you can’t, get a free one and leave some 5* ratings. But do something, help the guy out.


Also, I am thinking about making a section on here for other developers to notify us of their new additions in life, or maybe even some struggles… a place for them to either celebrate, or reach our for a helping hand ($). What do you guys think? Would you help a developer out? Prove it.


If you guys are interested in seeing me, or my beautiful girl, check out this WSJ Article. Strongly suggest watching the video.


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I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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