Random Sampling…

Maybe it is just a Monday. Maybe I am overwhelmed. Maybe I just can’t think of the right reason to explain why this post is so cluttered with what I hope if helpful information to you. Point is, wow, what a cluster **** of stuff, sorry!


First, http://www.cyanogengravings.com will be going live SOON. They were supposed to email me some details, but they didn’t. Summarized, they are going to provide a service of engraving your CyanogenMod devices. I hope to have some images / pricing details up soon.

Sounds like a neat idea for those who want to bump their chest at their CM awesomeness. They are in Chicago and you can just send your battery back plate… Check their site soon, should be live anytime now. Oh, I did ask and Steve/@cyanogen has apparently approved.


nightowl360 has made some of the coolest icons I have put on my Vibrant. You can check his thread on XDA (LINK). I may take the time to make these icons the default icon, so they show in my app drawer, not just my screen/dock. If there is an easy way to do this for single/multiple icons, please sound off in the Comments (help me).

For a sample, here is what they look like. Impressive right?!?!



Speaking of making your Android Phone look better…. I think one of those Apps/Widgets that really make screens look clean and sexy is Minimalistic Text (Market LINK). Rather than go into great detail, here is a screenshot. If this looks interesting to you, watch the video. You can really do a LOT with this app. Let me know if the video did not explain somethings you like to do with it. I should point out, I find the video a bit boring. I did not do it. Please direct me to a better guide if you know of one.



Last but not least… a GREAT video that echos my thoughts exactly, focus on the Manufacturers. Summary, I plan to bash Motorola coming up… still formulating how mean I want to be. This video comes from XDA TV.




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  1. Is the guy in this video is Philip defranco in disguise?

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