Greg Hughes – You’ve Been Kanged by Apple

Did Apple generate ANYTHING new or revolutionary at the WWDC? No. We knew that. Something you may have not known though is that, aside from the Android Notification Kang, their next best feature they were missing was stolen from a college student in the UK, Greg Hughes.


Say what? Yeap. Apple Kang-a-rama. Greg submitted his app months before WWDC, but it was rejected by the Apple Store. It was not the common email developers almost expect from Apple when their app is rejected, Greg got a call. He was told the app did not meet their security standards and was asked to send in his resume. Odd.


So, Greg goes and sells his app on the Cydia store (around $500,000 worth of selling might I add). To his, and the worlds surprise, Apple releases this several months after his app was rejected as their own (insert colorful adjective) new feature. To add insult to injury, the icons are extremely similar.


I can write a book on what I think of Apple and this situation. I would much prefer hearing it from you, so at least I know I am not alone in my thoughts. This information came from the Huffington Post and I was told about it via XDA.


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