New Malware Discovered… In the Official Market

Folks, I warned about 3rd party app sites and DroidKungFu earlier in the week. I cautioned those sites because at that point, no malware was found in the official Market.


Well, NC STATE professors have found TWO new cases of Malware (3 this week). PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE & SPREAD THE WORD. The Community should know and care about these things. Privacy/Security are at risk.


This is frankly… Concerning.


It’s clear there are many people willing to take advantage of the open policies that Google has afforded our developers. So, I ask you guys… WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?


Do we hope Google tightens the reigns and has the annoying App Review process that Apple has?

Do we just become super protective and not install Apps unless they are well known developers?

Thoughts on a solution?


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  1. RampageDeluxe

    I’m not against an app review process, but I don’t want it to come in the form that Apple’s does. It should be solely based on security and not app content.

  2. Kiteflyer130

    That’s it, I’m going back to my 1995 Motorolla brick phone

  3. This is certainly an issue I struggle with… I suppose I’m a boarder-line Anarchist in that I believe that one is ultimately responsible for one’s own health and safety. On the flip side, though, I appreciate that it is illegal to produce shit like DDT, lead-based paint, and asbestos etc., also. But I am keenly aware that a scare, in the eyes of authority, is an opportunity for tightening of control, as well. The bigger, or more common, the scare, the tighter an “authority’s” grip becomes, usually to the accolades and praises of those they are, in effect, squeezing.

    And the flip side to that is that Android and smart phones should be fun to use, so they should also be safe to use with reckless abandon (because lets be honest, acting prudently isn’t fun). So some sort of review process might be in order.

    • There is an extremely fine line here… I want developers to be able to submit their apps freely… and for the consumer to not be worried. I think the idea of reviewing for known vulnerabilities, and being FAST about it should be adequate… not like Apple where they shoot you down for the smallest thing.

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