Samsung… You Are Impressing Me.

Maybe I should have titled this blog “IRONY” and not “#NeverAgain”…

For those not familiar, #NeverAgain was a campaign I started (and the community fueled) to get Samsung to release Froyo/Source for the US Galaxy Variants (mostly the Vibrant). You can read MY POST ON XDA (around 17k views) to learn more. 

Short and sweet, Samsung started listening. They were following me on Twitter, they called me, we shot ideas back and forth, and Low and Behold, Froyo/Source was released via Mini Kies (bypassing T-Mobile… odd right?). The community got LOUD, but more importantly, Samsung listened.

So, what has happened since then?

Samsung has created a site for reaching out to developers… HERE

Samsung has been working behind closed doors with other sites (I can’t talk about it).

Samsung has THE BEST phone coming out. There is not a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy S2 (check the Video page if you do not believe me).

Samsung has Developers on Android sites now (@SamsungJohn is on Rootzwiki) and @SamsungCarla seems very receptive as well.

I have to say, Samsung, you have been impressive lately.

Now… can you keep it up and keep things OPEN and have FREQUENT UPDATES? That will be your next test. FYI, HTC has made the development community very happy with their commitment to not having locked bootloaders.


Samsung maybe in negotiations to Buy Nokia? I FULLY support that.

Link to WSJ


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  1. So how long before this becomes #NeverAgain sponsored by Samsung (c; Do you get to be a beta tester for the new phone with this endorsement?

    Jokes, of course…

  2. Hey, John and Carla can send me a Galaxy s2 and I will dance for them.

    I will also point out any and all flaws too though! Ha.

  3. Personal I have always enjoyed Samsung products. Yeah they slacked on the updates, but was that Samsung or the carriers I still have not found a phone with a better screen than super amoled plus. That’s one of the deal breakers for me when it comes to a new phone. The sgs2 was going to be my next phone but it doesn’t look like it will be coming to good old magenta.

    I will say that Samsung has definitely upped their game.

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