I love Android. I love the Community.

Sincemy G1 days I have slowly evolved from total noob, to someone who helps answer questions daily on XDA, writing instructional guides, and now testing the waters in app development and theming. The reason I have progressed is the kindness of the community. Every themer/developer I have ever contacted has been so incredibly gracious with their time and sharing their talent. I truly respect these people – and you should too.

I say this so bluntly only because it’s that passion that fuels the article.

There are also many bad elements to the Android Community. The most notable in my opinion are the 3rd party paid app sites AND sites like www.akaskriller.com. I want to focus on the latter, but feel the need to point out those 3rd party app sites give you “free” paid apps, but they also give you App Permissions not requested by the original app – they are malicious (malware).

Please do not be a self-inflicted victim over $0.99. You are on this site, you are smarter than that.

Back to my real intent here. For those not familiar, akaskriller is a site that has a nice front – and that is what it is, a front. They appear to be very genuine and caring, they act like they are helping developers, and they act like they want to help the Android noob.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They want money – money for others work.

Sites that offer others work behind a $5 donate wall (yes, you pay to get access) are wrong people. Not just wrong for those new to Android – those who genuinely need help and do not know better. But more importantly, it is wrong for the developers who work so hard to improve our phones, at no cost to us.

I am no expert on Apache/Licensing but I would have to assume paying/donating $5 for free software is wrong on a larger scale than I know how to address. FYI, it is $5/month too!

Those familiar with the Samsung Vibrant may recall a movement I suggested. It was called “#NeverAgain Samsung.” I proposed a social media blitz where we told Samsung on Twitter, blogs, Facebook and YouTube that we would not continue to buy their products if they would treat the Android Community the way they did – withholding updates and source to sell newer phone models.

Shortly after the movement started (and it grew FAST), I received calls from Samsung and they were following me on twitter. Froyo and source was given to us via Kies/their site soon after. Perhaps due to our combined community efforts.

I am suggesting we have another outcry – an outcry that our community will not tolerate this. Let the community know this is wrong. I will not be formal and say “do this,” but do something.

Tweet about it, post on Facebook… heck, just tell a developer you appreciate them.

Since mentioning the idea of one developer has told me when he requested his ROM be removed from the site, he was told that they would simply change the build.prop so it was a “new ROM.” Taking away the work this developer did and making it their own.

This is wrong. Do something.


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I will do what I can to help support the Android Community!

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  1. Thanks for all that you do for the android community! Because of you many people that where not aware of the thief’s that take devs work and try and profit, are now talking. That is really all it takes to start a movement. You my friend, have started just that!

    • Man, I do this just out of respect for th development community. I’ve never had a bad experience dealing with a developer.. asking for help, me being dumb, requesting new features….. Android Developers are the best.

      I think they are being treated wrongly. I hope this site can help just a little bit.

      Hope you can check in frequently… let me know what I can do to make things better!

  2. I am definitely a noob and didn’t realize those free app sites were different from the Marketplace and App Store (How’s that apple lawsuit going with “App Store”?) Thanks for the information, I immediately deleted one that I downloaded (applanet.net) and when I did it looked like it was trying to load more programs and possibly send my data other places. I’m not sure what exactly it was doing (see: noob) and there’s no way I’ll try it again to find out (see: noob but not dumb)but definitely agree and endorse this warning! Skip the “Free” sites and stick with the real sites. It’s not worth the headache to get an add-free version…

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