Android’s… err.. I mean Apple’s iOS 5

I will keep this short. Facts. Apple sues everybody under the sun. This includes Samsung for being too similar to Apple, even down to the boxing of their products. There is a current lawsuit filed. I think we all know this and have started to accept it.


Enter, irony.


Unless you were under a rock, you saw at #WWDC Apple unveil iOS 5. I like to call it Android 1.5. I mean, their coolest feature was something Android had from Day 1 – The Notification Bar.


I will try very hard to compose myself here. It’s just hard to swallow just a large irony pill and not gag a bit.


Truth be known though… the thing that probably annoys me more than anyting….


Android has barely evolved the Notification Bar. Is there a reason in 3 years this INCREDIBLE feature has not had much added benefit or a better UI? Apple did this from launch. Look at it, it’s beautiful.


So, is it the irony, the Apple-Haterade, or just being mad at Google for not doing it better first?


Nagh. I tried to play Devils Advocate. Watch this video. How can you not hate that? This is an SNL skit waiting to happen.



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  1. I totally agree with you… When Apple sued Samsung over their UI, I got upset for obvious reasons. Now they BLATANTLY copy something Android has had since its creation. It is for this reason that I will #NeverAgain purchase an Apple product!

    Its a good thing too, because I just got my Google Music Beta invite the other day. Suck it, Apple! đŸ˜› lol

    And I am by no means a fanboy. I used to support both OSs because I had an iPod touch as well as my Vibrant. I just can’t ignore their (unethical) business practices…

    /rant lol

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